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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

Stone Protectorants


ASM is a durable fluorinated surface protector for resisting oil, water and stains on soft surfaces. It is highly effective on carpet, upholstery and leather.  
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EBS is our most powerful hydrofluoric acid replacement. With data to show no chance of fluorosis upon dermal contact, EBS is a safe way to etch or brighten metals, and remove complex silicates. EBS can be formulated to be non-corrosive to skin at less than 12.5%.

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PS is a modified silicone emulsion for producing polishes on granite, natural stone and synthetic countertops.
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SCP is a silicone/surfactant developed for water based stainless steel cleaners & polishes and furniture polishes. Perfect for spray, wipe and gel applications, SCP dries to a durable finish with an improved streak and smear profile compared to traditional silicone and Mineral Oil Systems.

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WSP is a specially designed fluoro surfactant for creating surfaces that resist soils and staining. It is perfect for formulating granite, concrete or tile and grout sealers. 
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